Jul 25th php issues on kookaburra server

there are curently php issues on kookaburra server affecting some sites with clashes between the latest php and the required modules, this is being recompiled now.We will update this shortly


May 28th Announcing CMSMS 1.11.7 - Genovesa

 NOTE: This only affects sites built with CMSMS, if your site is not built with CMSMS please ignoreAnnouncing CMSMS 1.11.7 - Genovesa May 25, 2013 Hello folks. This is a security release of your favorite flexible, powerful, and proactive content management system. The CMSMS Dev team considers security issues to be a top priority, and ... Read More »

Feb 19th Kookaburra server Emergency maintenance

Greetings,Due to an issue/failure with the switch on this rack we would like to notify you of the upcoming emergency maintenance. We do not anticipate more than 30 minutes of downtime for each individual server. During this maintenance, kookaburra server will be moved to a newly configured rack. many thanksIan Read More »

Jan 28th Sales Office Phone outage

Due to massive power outages in brisbane the brisbane sales office has been without phone or email access since Late Sunday.

All Server Data centres and web and email support have been unaffected.

Normal Sales support has returned now
many thanks


Nov 18th Brisbane servers affected

This morning at approximately 10:33am our datacentre experienced a fault with the power switching gear due to external power fluctuations. The UPS' protected the site and discharged. Power was lost to all cabinets at this time. The NOC are speaking with our vendors and our electrical contractors to identify a cause and prevent this kind of ... Read More »

Nov 1st Kookaburra server php upgrade

There will be a php upgrade and mysql upgrade on Kookaburra server starting at approx 10pm QLD time

There many be intermitent downtime as this progresses


Oct 31st Possum - brisbane server outage this morning

This morning the Possum.hostingoz.net.au server based in brisbane experienced rolling outages, this cause is being investigated but services are back on line.The issue here was involving connecting a backup service to this server, which caused the server to be seen as offline in some casesOur apologies for this outage. This new server is ... Read More »

Oct 26th Brisbane servers affected

Our Brisbane data centre has experienced a large inbound DOS which saturated our inbound provider links. We have worked with our upstream providers to block this attack. Connectivity has been fully restored, however higher than normal packet loss is being experienced. We hope to have this issue fully resolved soon. A full ... Read More »

Oct 6th Kookaburra work saturday night

We Will be undertaking work on the kookaburra server to improve its stability starting early saturday night. More updates in the announcements area

Oct 4th Kookaburra server

A issue with Kookaburra server is being worked on at the moment

Issue was resolved 10.15

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