dc1 update

After the fire marshall inspected the H1 location, we were given the green light to bring power back to the facility. The generators have been turned on, and we are receiving power on the second floor. The generator power restoration is the first step in the full restoration of service to the data center. From here, we will begin the process of ... Read More »

2nd Jun 2008
orpbus server email issues

some sites on the orpbus server are having issues recieving emails, this is due to the fire issue in DC1, where the PTR records for this server (which is not in DC1) are located. This issue will resolve its self once DNS propogation completes.


many thanks


2nd Jun 2008
emu server restored and operational

Following the restoration of power to level 2 of DC1, emu server has been restored and is operational.


We will continue to update the support announcements on this issue.



2nd Jun 2008
Server Access issues on Some Servers only

hello Today a electrical fire in the electrical equipment room of our H1 data center which houses our orpbus and emu servers, affected some services and website access. Based on instructions from the fire department, Backup generators were not able to be activated. No sites or data has been damaged or lost.Datacentre staff are restoring ... Read More »

1st Jun 2008
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