Setting Apple mail to remove emails from the server

To make sure that you remove emails from the mailserver after they have been downloaded to your  computer.

Please use the following steps to delete mails after downloading it to "Apple Mail for Mac OS X":
1. Click on the Mail menu and choose Preferences,
2. Click on the Accounts icon, and select your email account on the left side,
3. Go to the tab called Advanced, and CHECK THE CHECKBOX CALLED Remove copy from server after retrieving a message:
* if that checkbox is UNchecked, then all your messages will always stay on the server (and you will fill up your quota quickly)
* if that checkbox is checked, then the messages will only stay on the server as long as specified in the drop-down box underneath (recommended: less than 5 days)
* if that checkbox is checked and the drop-down box is set to Right Away, then your account will behave as a regular POP3 account (the messages will be downloaded to your computer and then removed from the server right away - highly recommended)
4. Click OK to confirm

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