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Wordpress is a powerful and flexible CMS/Blog, it has many features all added to by plugins, however it must be secured. Here are some tips to assist you with a secure installation.

You may get conflicts between differenet plugins, if these occur just remove plugins (disable) one by one till the issue is resolved then add a new plugin if you still need the feature.

Some tips on installing:
  • Install manually not via a auto installer, it is safer, if you use a auto installer, the  wpoptimix can help you resolve some security issues.
  • Do not use admin as your admin user name
  • Do not use wp_ as your database prefix
  • Use a secure password
  • Check updates daily

With wordpress disable and remove any unrequired plugins and themes

Recommended Wordpress plugins are:
  • Wordfence (free or paid) - installed from with wordpress plugins area
  • wpOptimix (security , speed and backup plugin -paid) -  visit the  website for more 
  • Akismet - protect your blog from comment and trackback spam - installed from with wordpress plugins area
  • Wordpress Firewall Blocks suspicious-looking requests to WordPress. | By SEO Egghead, Inc.
There are many other plugins that may do the same or simular or part of these plugins, the choice is yours and the result is yours

This KB article will grow and change over time, please check back regularly.
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